Why Join Chi Phi?

Rush 2018


Chi Phi is a fraternity that strives to build better men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development. Being the oldest fraternity in the nation and even after all these years, our fraternity has continued to stand for truth, honor, and personal integrity because of each individual’s best effort combined with the strength of each brother. We have accomplished more things in this past year of re-founding which have helped us grow to become stronger in numbers and brotherhood.


The existence of a fraternity is to build connections with other like-minded men. Through Chi Phi, you can associate yourself with a diverse group of individuals who together form a strong fraternity. This fraternity is able to introduce you to a new aspect of your life by giving you the opportunity to make lifelong friends who you can call your brother for the rest of your life.

Becoming a Leader

A greater aspect of joining Chi Phi is the opportunity to gift your leadership ability into driving the fraternity in the correct direction. Whether by being a committee chair or on the executive board, Chi Phi will allow you to display your abilities to be the leader that you were born to be.

Giving Back

Within Chi Phi, every brother is able to display his ability to give back to the community. This can be displayed through brothers participating in philanthropy events for other Greek organizations, or volunteering at The Boys and Girls Club in Greenville. We are prideful of all our brothers volunteering for 15 hours of service a semester. Regardless of the volunteer opportunity, we strive to improve for which we reside in.


If any of this resembles you, please come in contact with our Rush Chair: Bryan Friers (717) 756-7288