Welcome to our Website! This section is so you can see what your son has been up to and to answer any questions for parents of potential new members!

What is Chi Phi?

Chi Phi is a fraternity founded on the morals of Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity. It’s purpose is to promote lifelong friendship by creating an atmosphere which allows college men to grow morally and mentally.

How do dues work?

Each semester brothers are required to pay “Dues”. Part of the money paid goes to our Nationals for their services and insurance for each member. The rest is placed in Delta Theta’s bank account to be for social events, brotherhood events, academics, philanthropy events, and any other of the 15 committee’s that Delta Theta has.

What does it mean that Delta Theta is accredited?

Each Semester we are required to submit paperwork to the National Office showing all our finances, policies, brotherhood activities, social events, and the risk managing side to it all. Last spring we received the TOP score of all Chi Phi chapters and colonies in the country.

How does Chi Phi promote Academics?

Having such a large brotherhood means that there is guaranteed to be another brother in the same major. The older brothers typically will help the younger ones with harder subjects (sometimes the other way around). Since we are a brotherhood we always strive to help each other without violating any academic dishonesty policies. We have weekly study hours to allow brothers to find a quiet place to study. We currently have the 5th highest GPA of all Clemson Fraternities and have had the 3rd highest New Member GPA.