February Brother of the Month

With hosting the SERLA and applying to charter,  February was surely a busy month that took a lot of effort from every brother. One brother surely stood out from the rest and his efforts did not go unnoticed. This brother is our February Brother of the Month, CJ Connelly. CJ is a junior packaging science major from Prosperity, SC. He served as our ritual master in 2017 (winning the Chi Phi national ritual master award) to where he is now our Vice President. He’s involved in more organizations then you knew existed including CUSG, Younglife, TPUSA, WeRoar, and is also a Residents Assistant. If you couldn’t tell already, CJ gives everything he does 110%. He took on one of the hardest tasks which is being self sustained as a colony with our rituals. Not only was the colony self sustained right away, but every ritual was run efficiently and perfectly. When asked about why he joined, he replied with, “Chi Phi stood out to me because they weren’t afraid to be different. As part of the founding class, I’ve had the privilege of watching a group of incredibly diverse guys come together because we all had the same goal. We wanted to make a difference on campus and be a social fraternity that didn’t have that stereotypical status. The status that’s in the national news stories for the wrong reasons. We are here to pursue true brotherhood without sacrificing our values in the process. And these values are things that I came to college with, and have continued to develop through the teachings of our fraternity. These traits have been exemplified is awesome ways, and through events as simple as playing paintball with all the brothers. Because these are people I truly care about, working with them has been and pleasure, and spending quality time with them is an honor.” CJ also took on the role of drafting our petition to charter which was one of the hardest task the colony faced. He ensured that the colony was properly displayed and that every page was meaningful. Without him Delta Theta would not be what it is today and we would not have gotten to where we have!

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