January Brother of the Month

With such a busy start to the semester, there was a lot going on at once and everyone had to hustle to do their part, however one brother stood out from the rest. This brother was our new Social Chairman, Jeremy Lutz. Jeremy takes his job to the max ensuring not only the Delta Theta Colony has social events with other sororities, but that we ensure to create lifelong relationships with our fellow Greek life members. When asked about why he joined Chi Phi he replied with, “the reason I joined is how Chi Phi makes better and impactful men. How I perceive situations, how I interact with others, and how I learned to lead with a group of men is what I gained from joining. We are here not only for the college years but for the lifelong positive betterment of society; this is exactly what chi phi stands for. My favorite part of being in a fraternity is watching each guy learn and grow together and from each other.” Jeremy is an avid Spikeball player and chocolate milk enthusiasts. Thank you for all you do Jeremy!


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