November Brother of the Month

Our November Brother of the Month is our Public Relations Chair, Rob Gruskos. Rob is a sophomore Chemical Engineer major from Oceanport, NJ. If he’s not in the library he’s out sailing with the Clemson Sailing Team. Rob is in charge of the website and social media accounts and can even write about himself in the third person… He hopes to one day get his degree and become a master brewer. Fun fact: he took calc 2 twice in college. When asked about his favorite event the fraternity has held, he replied with,”The Music Midtown Fundraiser was the most fun event in my eyes, since we raised money for the fraternity while getting to see famous artists perform (and some not so famous that were lucky to be allowed on stage). I look forward to other events like this in the next two to three years of college (sorry mom)”. He would also like to thank Mom and Dad for paying his dues.

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